Bloody Romance Chapter 32: Willing to Sacrifice (part 1)

“I know how to.” After keeping Wan Mei in a long period of suspense, You Chan finally answered. She could feel her heart thumping and her nails from both hands were almost embedded within her palms.

“But I can’t anymore,” You Chan continued as she leaned forward, resting her upper body against the game table.

The tip of a sword emerged from her back, staining the entire game table with blood. It was a broken curved sword. You Chan had already thrust the sword into her heart as soon as she sat down before the table. So silently and unexpectedly that the only indication of the part she played in her suicide was the glare of the sword beneath her sleeve.

Why is it not possible for a lotus* to grow within a lake filled with human blood? Why is it not possible for love to exist in a sinful place? If she did not love Lan Ruo at all why would she be tormented by nightmares and feelings of despair every night?

“Do not let him down,” she advised Wan Mei weakly, her gaze filled with sorrow. “Do not fail him, ever. Do not ever disappoint anyone who sincerely loves you.”

“I won’t! But tell me what I must do to save him!” Wan Mei cried, leaning across the table to pat You Chan’s face as she did so. “Don’t sleep! I will treat your heart injury!”

“But I want to sleep,” You Chan answered gently, as she slowly closed her eyes. ” A King of the Gu worms…A Gu King that is at least a decade old…..can devour the Heart Devouring Gu, remember…..”

The last few words became inaudible as she slipped into peaceful eternal slumber. Perhaps it was her imagination, but it seemed as if she was resting on the shoulder of Lan Ruo. Now love and hatred is finally buried and in the past. Their hearts were finally one, devoid of any resentment or distrust.

“A Gu king….one that is at least a decade old,” repeated Wan Mei. An idea flashed into her mind and the sharp look of determination and resolve appeared in her eyes.

There was only one Gu King within the whole of the Gate of Ghosts. Rumor has it that it is already 22 years of age. A true king of the Gu worms. Right now it resides within Cha Luo. It had been there for 15 years, and for far too, far too long.


Within Gongzhi’s Residence, the Listening Bamboo courtyard, the summer breeze rustled the bamboo leaves, a beautiful sound that penetrated through the bamboo, in contrast to the usual pitch dark inside. Wan Mei was sat at the edge of the bed, she could not help bu feel slightly worried and sad when Gongzhi pulled her into his arms. She would never forget the swaying of the red flowers above her head during intercourse down in the basement.

“You’re worried about the snake vine?” Gongzhi scoffed, “Worried I’ll burst into red flowers when I embrace you? You don’t need to worry about that. The snake vine has been growing within Su Qing Ya for over 20 years but in the first decade he was able to live a normal life as the Sect Leader. If he can suppress it for 10 years, I can too.”

“Um,” answered Wan Mei. Still, she couldn’t help but ask, ” What about after 10 years? What will you do then?”

“In ten years time?” Gongzhi repeated with scorn lacing his voice, “What happens after 10 years have nothing to do with me.”

The conversation ended there and then. He grabbed her waist, covered her body with his and slammed his lips against hers before moving them around every inch of her body. This time, the lovemaking was more passionate than ever. She could feel that something within Gongzhi had changed. This was no longer loveless sex; she was no longer a faceless woman who warmed his bed. Regardless what she was to him now, as someone who shared a secret with him she had a place within his heart. It gave her a bit more confidence in the success of her plan.

Silently, she waited until Gongzhi woke up to help him get dressed. “I now know how to utilize all the techniques you taught me. I wonder if you can teach me the next level of the heart sutra that goes with it?”

“The next level heart sutra is the level I am at,” Gongzhi told her as he crossed his arms. “Tell me, why should I teach you it?”

Wan Mei did not hesitate to answer. “The Gate of Ghosts is rotten to the core. If you wish for me to replace Cha Luo to replace those in the higher positions with our own people then my skill in martial arts must be better than her’s.”

The room fell into silence. Wan Mei could feel her heart pound against her chest, almost flying out from her chest. Whether it was replacing Cha Luo or removing her supporters from power, they were all Gongzhi’s deeply buried desires. And speaking them aloud to him was a gamble.

“Then you must prove to me that you can replace her,” Gongzhi finally said as he quietly coughed. “If you manage to get Fang Ge on your side then I will teach you it.”


The Jin City’s Red Drunken Palace city

It felt as if it was in another lifetime when she passed by this place. 3 years ago she was almost killed after being gang raped here. At the time she was still called Luo Xue. “Luo Xue…”She whispered as she stepped into the brothel.

It was early in the morning so there were no guests about. The madam of the brothel was in the front hall, using her fan to direct everyone on how to setup the place for the night’s activities. “Xiao Yu will be selling her virginity tonight. I’m sure the bid will be very high for her first night. All of you help out and I will reward you afterwards.”

“Tonight you will not be selling Xiao Yu.” Behind her someone announced, a female voice.

The madam of the brothel’s fan stopped in mid air and a frown appeared on her face as she turned around. “Who said that? Not selling….”

“I said it. Tonight you will not be selling Xiao Wu, you will sell me. Me and you Madam will split the money half and half between us.” Wan Mei stood behind her as she dropped the thin gauze onto the floor, revealing her bare body to everyone.

The sight left the Madam of the Brothel speechless, she could only nod in agreement.

Night fell onto the red drunken palace. The place was filled with excited chatter. Wan Mei sat behind the bead curtain, her naked body half obscured by the curtain and the smoke produced by the stick of ambergris that was lit. The men below the stage were yelling at the top of their voices to bid for her. Very quickly, the bid rose up to 4000 taels of silver.

However, Wan Mei remained expressionless, she merely uncrossed and then crossed her legs again whilst playing with a twirl of smoke produced by the incense.

Minute after minute passed by, finally the madam of the brothel announced, “Three thousand taels! The four young masters of the City of Jin bid 3000 taels for her! Is there a higher bid than that?”

Wan Mei’s finger halted in mid air and then she snuffed out the incense flame.

No-one made a bid higher than 3000 taels. The Madam of the brothel shuffled her way towards Wan Mei and asked, ” Miss, are you satisfied with that price?”

“I am,” Wan Mei replied. “Then please can Madam provide a room for us in the back courtyard, we do not wish to be disturbed.”

The Madam of the brothel was never one who would say no to money. Immediately she cleared out a courtyard for them, the type of courtyard that no-one would be able to be heard when inside even if one screamed to the top of their lungs.

Wan Mei lounged gracefully on the chaise, smiling at the four men before her. All four of the Young Masters of Jin city were as naked as the day they were born, the hairs on their body stood up, their legs shook uncontrollably under her gaze.

Some of them had tried to escape before, but Wan Mei’s whip was faster. It struck his back, almost breaking his spine with the force and then warned them that if they tried to escape she would remove their head and use it as a bed pan.

The four of them nodded but did not take really take heed of her warning. So what if her whip was fast? If all four of them escaped together how could her whip remove all four of their heads at the same time? That thought was on the minds of all four men.

Although Wan Mei could tell what they were thinking but she did not say anything. Instead she picked up her Shen Yin. To demonstrate that she could deliver what she promised, with a wave of her hand, Shen Yin did a twirl in the air before concurrently grinding all four headpieces to dust. Within a blink of an eye, they felt their hair loosen and fall to their waists.

“Now you should believe me when I say that I can kill all four of you simultaneously right?” Wan Mei once again put Shen Yin away before giving them all a smile laced with mockery.

They immediately nodded in reply. Wan Mei smiled at their response, before pushing a cup of wine towards them across the table. “I’m your enemy. But I only want one life today. If one of you are willing to drink this cup of poisoned wine today then the other three can leave.”

That only made the four men shake even more. They glanced at each other, hoping that one of them would be willing to sacrifice their life for the rest of them.

However, even after an hour had passed, even after they slumped to the ground from the heat, not one of them was willing to drink the cup of wine. Wan Mei’s smile grew bigger. She picked up the unwanted wine and drank it all.

“There was no poison in the wine. It’s such a shame that none of you deserve forgiveness.” She turned the cup over, squeezed it and with a “clang” the china cup shattered into pieces. “You have now lost your chance to leave this place alive together. It’s a shame that we can only play a game.”

It was a simple game. Wan Mei’s intentions remained unchanged, she only wanted one of their lives.

“Let me pick a person….oh right, you.” She pointed to one of them. “You can be the bottom first.”

“He has two holes in his body….and between the three of you, there are three poles. I don’t care how you would like to go about it, but the person who cums last will be the bottom in the next round,” she explained.

“You have the rest of this evening,” she continued, clapping her hands to urge them to hurry up when she noticed the four of them stare back at her in shock. “As long as one of you dies from the sex then the other three can walk away alive. However if all four of you remain alive when dawn breaks, then I’m afraid all four of you must die.”

That immediately woke them up from the shock. The bottom was pushed to the floor by his friends and reluctantly opened up his two holes. There were three poles but two holes, that was the key to winning the game. His friends decided to share his anus between them and the blood that poured out from his overstretched hole was the same in volume as his scream of pain.

Perhaps it was because it was the first time they played such a game that it ended so quickly for one of his friends in his anus, almost immediately after he had penetrated him white cum started spraying everywhere. The other two startled for a moment before they pistoned themselves in and out of their relevant hole as fast as they could, one in front, and the other from behind.

Soon enough the entire room stank of the smell of sex. The four young masters of Jin city, who were once so close probably never imagined that they would be so intimate with each other one day. Wan Mei calmly watched them, whilst drinking her tea. “You should hurry up, there’s about seven hours until dawn breaks,” she reminded them.

The man in the anus finally let out a growl, his eyes turning red as he finally came. The first round finally ended and the loser who was the using the mouth. He plunged his manhood one final time in his friend’s mouth before spurting white liquid all over his crying friend.

“Would you like a break?” Wan Mei suggested. For a moment, she seemed like Cha Luo’s doppelganger. “That’s up to you, remember you only have seven hours now.”

The four of them burst into tears together, trying to comfort each other. Finally, they remembered their friendship.

Finally, a sliver of cool night breeze managed to slip in. A white figure pushed the door open and stood before the four men. It was Xiao San. His face was as pale as ever as he drew his sword.

Without turning around, without looking at Wan Mei, the tip of his sword pointed towards the neck of one of the men. With a “Shua” sound, his artery was sliced apart. Blood poured out like in ribbons. Wan Mei’s shen Yin immediately lashed out and wrapped itself around his sword before drawing closer to him.

The heart devouring Gu started to devour his heart. She could see his eyes had sunken in from the wrenching pain and a cold look of torment shone within them. For some time, they stood staring at each other before he spoke.

“No matter what happens, I don’t want you to become the next Chief,” he told her in his gentlest tone. Wan Mei’s body relaxed, her hand slowly lowered and Shen Yin unwrapped itself from Xiao San’s sword. His sword tip turned towards the second person.

“My uncle is is Qiu Tiedan, Chief Qiu! He will avenge my death!” Perhaps it was because he was so close to death, the second person on the floor finally found the courage to speak up. Wan Mei’s eyes widened at his words, Shen Yin once again shot out to stop Xiao San.

“What did you say? Say that again,” she ordered, pausing a little after each word. She lowered herself so she could grab his chin, forcing him to look at her, at the gleam in her eyes.


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